Monthly Archives: June 2012

Eliana | Frisco, TX Children Photographer

Eliana came into my studio as a new baby when i was just starting out…some two and a half years ago! Now look how big she is! This girl would mimick all the poses exactly how i had showed her, i even had to watch out for my every single finger such as my pinky out, she picked all of it up! It took a bit warming up to me but then her Mom said the words “Happy Meal” for lunch and that was all it took! She did everything and the session was finished with smiles & laughs and Eliana was off to lunch with her Mum!

ANNABEL | Denton, TX Family & Children Photographer

Little Annabel is one now! Seems like we just took her 6 month pictures not too long ago! This time we got some of their very first family photos, they are the sweetest family, and i feel soo lucky to be their photographer!!!